Artist Statement

My work is driven by my desire to find out what it means to be whole. I think about the inherent trauma of being brought into this world and the fragmentation and shame that occurs as we are being socialized. I think about the value systems and identities that are assigned to us, which forms our self-concept and how we are seen by others. I work in the mediums of photography, video, installation, sculpture, writing, drawing, and hand poked tattoo in order to learn more about topics of emotion, gender, sex, aggression, desire, spirituality, transformation, the subconscious, mental health, and intimacy. I investigate the corporeal fleshiness in all it’s suffering by questioning the borders of self and society. How are we living in accordance to pain?  I explore the cumulative wounds of our species through the processing and healing of individual trauma. We exist in the emotional dark age and I aim to transcend that through the relearning and redefining of intimacy.


Instagram: @pretendplay